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        Auto Registration is currently turned off while I work on it. <br><br> Please email me at <a href="mailto:: lance@lwmclain.com">lance@lwmclain.com</a> to request registration. <br><br> If I know you I'll send you a login quickly (that includes my e-friends too), so don't be afraid to request. I just don't want search engines, spiders, & creepy people with access to personal information. <br><br> There are 4 levels of access on this site: Admin, Family, Friend, and Public. <br><br> <b>Friend</b> access will give you access to our most everything, photos, private journal postings, files, etc., but not the calendar and address book. <br><br> <b>Family</b> & Extended family probably already have an account, but if you don't, let me know and I'll send you one. You'll have access to actually add stuff to the site in some places, as well as view our calendar and address book. <br><br> Everyone, including unregistered users (<b>Public</b>) will be able to post comments on Journal entries, however not all journal entries are Public. <br><br> Please drop me a message and register. There is some great content inside! <br><br> regards,<br> -Lance
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